As a manager or business owner how far do you go to keep your team happy?

Whether it is your only employee or if it is a long standing valued team member, how many times do they ask for more – whether it is a slight change their hours or an extra days holiday – before you are left feeling that you are being pushed too far.

It maybe that your employee may be taking advantage of your good nature or your lack of knowledge of what is the right thing to do, but as long as you are providing what you should do – then if it is not practical or you do not feel it is reasonable, do not be afraid to say no.

To give you some examples, which may in turn make you feel better, some of the requests I’ve either heard myself or managers have told me about are things as extreme as asking for big company benefits in a small business, to change their job to suit them or even just an expectation that they are entitled to an annual pay rise.

If you are in a big business with more money, more people so you have more flexibility, as an HR person I may say – “at least consider it” but the advantages of working in small businesses are very different. It maybe your employee has forgotten why they joined your business whether it was they wanted to get away from the office politics of a big business or knowing that they can make a real difference and impact in a small business.

So don’t be afraid to manage your teams expectations, if they are being unreasonable – say No, if you are not sure get some expert advice or do some research before you agree to anything. Even your most loyal employee will sometimes push their luck to see what else they can get out of you – just remember they are an employee but you are the business owner or manager that has the best interest of the business at heart.

Have you got any stories of either unreasonable or reasonable requests from your employees?