It seems in the workplace now that change is just an accepted way of working that everything is continually evolving with changes in structures, the way services are provided to customers or just a business strategy that plans in constant change.

This can very demanding on individual employees and managers who need to ensure that employees are aligned to the business strategy and are engaged any change process.

I have experienced work environments where the approach has been to just deal with all the team the same way, however all your employees are individuals and will adapt to change in their own way – and in their own time – this needs to be something that you keep in your mind as you go through this process.

So how do you manage a culture where change is part of the way of working?

Step 1 – Strategic and Business Priorities

Understanding the strategic and business priorities at all levels is a key step to ensure that all your employees understand why any change is taking place or the overall business goal that they are moving towards.

Step 2 – Communication

Working together as one team and all being aligned with the business objectives is the step 1. Your role as manager is then to communicate with the team, make sure everyone knows what is expected of them, the part they play and more importantly the benefits of any change within the business objectives.

Step 3 – Being a positive role model

Managers can have a big impact on the culture in any business, by working in a way that is positive, productive and supportive with not just your team but across the business too, provides the benchmark you are expecting from your employees.

Step 4 – Coaching your employees when change comes about

Some individuals either struggle with change or are slow to work through any change, others may take it all in their stride and adapt very quickly. If you have both styles in your team then, as the manager, you need to adapt your approach to support them. The change curve illustrates how we all work through the different stages of change – at varying speeds, if you have not seen this before below is what it looks like;


Step 5 – What does success look like!

You are seeing the positive effects of the change – employees have adapted, are more productive and you can see their personal transition through the curve. Time to celebrate your success and achievements.

If you would like support on Managing Change in your Team or would like some coaching for your line managers to support them through this process then please contact us at KJ HR Consulting Ltd.