Like us, we are sure you have seen the latest buzz term ‘employee engagement’ all over the place; it’s mentioned in the workplace, in the media, in most of your emails, by HR experts, recruitment professionals and many others and it is very easy to become inundated with exciting ‘employee engagement’ ideas – but how about creating an engaging culture?

By creating engagement opportunities as a day-to-day experience you are offering employees meaning, impact, connection and appreciation which makes them feel engaged to your business and brand and will lead to an engaging culture for your business.

So in this blog post we would like to put together some top tip to help you create an engaging culture for your workplace which will help employees feel part of your business and engaged to your brand which in turn reduces staff turnover, increases productivity and makes customers happy;

  1. Communicate & Reward Core Values

Ensure that you have defined core values for your business, then make sure these are communicated to all staff members so everyone knows what they are working too; therefore giving them a sense of meaning and purposes in their jobs. When the core values are firmly in place with managers being ambassadors of these values then look at ways of rewarding staff and teams for working to these core values or going the extra mile to achieve these core values.

  1. Give Consistent & Timely Communication

When employees are fully engaged they will often put their hearts and souls into the job and they will want to know what their hard work is achieving. Make sure you consistently communicate the goals that are being achieved and how an employees work helped achieve this goal. This will give an employee a great sense of how they are impacting the outcome of the company and it will encourage them to stay engaged and continue working to achieve goals.

  1. Offer Employee Development

As companies grow and the world changes there are new things to learn; allow your employees to be part of this. Offer regular opportunities for employee development that will give employees the chance to learn new things, take on new projects, grow in their jobs but also become more connected and engaged with your business.

  1. Look At The Environment

Your employees will be spending a lot of time in your business so it is important that they get on with their co-workers. Look at different team building ideas to help engage employees with each other and in turn they will work together to help grow your business. Your employees can be your biggest advocate – make sure your employees are engaged with each other to get the best results for your business.

  1. Set Out Clear Expectations

If an employee understands what is expected of them they will find it much easier to meet these expectations. Give individual employees their own specific goals as well as goals for the team and offer training, tools and resources to help them achieve these goals. When an employee understands what is expected of them and that you’re willing to support them in achieving these expectations, they will be more engaged with the business.

Remember: investing in an employee can have a positive effect on the employee, the customer and ultimately the bottom line!

If you need help creating an engaging culture for your business then please contact us directly; we would be only too happy to help.