We all start the new year with plans, ideas and goals of things we want to achieve, whether they are written down or just in your head, both personally and for business.

If you are running a business do you share these with your team or do you look at your team to support you on this journey?

If you are looking to motivate and engage your team in your business goals the best way is to involve them in the goal setting, decision making and recognise them for their achievements.

If you are doing all this already then this is great!

If you feel your team are not up to this perhaps the first step is to sit down and talk to them about involving them, new challenges and experiences can be very empowering for us all. Providing them with the support, training or guidance to support you in setting the goals or objectives for themselves or their team is a great development opportunity.

Providing goals or objectives that feed into the overall business objectives is a key element to increase employee engagement in any business so this is a step that I would therefore recommend in any size business.

If you would like to support in involving your team in your business objectives or goals setting or training your line managers to undertake this activity, then this is something we can support you with. Please contact us for more information.

And more importantly – Good Luck with your business goals for the new year.