So I was having a conversation with some fellow networkers this morning around the fact that a recent survey stated that the average UK worker needs a holiday every 56 days or their work suffers.

As it is the holiday season it seemed a good fact to discucc and after much conversation, as most of us were either self-employed or business owners ourselves, it then got me thinking about whether any of us actually take the holidays we all really need?

2014-06-23 13.40.44 I have worked in many businesses in the past where not taking all your holiday was something that was bragged about, even when they lost it and could not carry it over – but I do see that now this is changing with more businesses realising that they must make sure their employees take a break. This not only helps them get the rest they need but you will then get them back firing on all cylinders.

There is the other side too, that some employees do not want to take a break in case you find out they are not doing what they should be – and again this is even more reason to insist they take it. Although this is the exception to the rule, some businesses insist on a 2 week break for this very reason.

Encouraging your employees to take all their leave or insisting they take two weeks at a time, will not only improve their wellbeing, including motivation but you will benefit too (although it may not seem like it at the time if you are small business), as I said previously – firing on all cylinders.

With all this said, if you are the business owner or are self-employed – make sure you take time for your holidays too.

How do you make time for your holidays?