Workplace stress and mental wellbeing are two things that are being spoken about lost in recent years while companies work hard to reduce workplace stress in their employees and encourage mental wellbeing. 

Many business owners are looking to flexible working for their employees as this enables them to work at their optimum times. In every business you will have people that are early risers and best in the mornings, while others thrive later on in the day. Everyone has a different body clock and flexible working allows employees to seize the opportunity to work at the time that works best for them, their minds and their body clocks. 

Flexible working can really help employees in your workplace that may have psychological conditions and the benefit of working slightly later can benefit them, their team and the business as a whole because the employee can avoid feeling groggy at work due to medication they take in the mornings. 

Stress has always been a massive issue in the workplace and perhaps even more so in recent years with more technology. By giving employees the choice of working flexibly you can reduce their stress levels which in turn will improve the long-term wellbeing of your whole team in the workplace too. 

Many businesses are looking as flexible working as a way to allow staff to balance their home and working lives to suit their individual needs. Business owners see it as really important to balance the spiritual and healthy employee, their family and important relationships with work in an equal harmony. 

Flexible working allows employees to avoid those rush hours and spend less time travelling to and from work. It allows employees to go to the gym on their lunch break, go to an exercise class before work or go for a walk during their lunchtime. 

On the whole, flexible working will allow your employees to have a more balanced life and in turn this will help with their mental wellbeing and physical health too. If you would like help introducing flexible working into your workplace please contact us directly and we would be happy to help.