Health and Wellbeing initiatives are a good engagement tool for businesses; they help business owners and managers to provide added benefits which can be in the form of Cycle to work schemes, Health checks and subsidised gym membership for their employees, which actually can be of very little cost for the business but can be of real benefit to your employees.

With all these benefits for employees and some of them being voluntary, how come some employees are suspicious of the company motives?

In one business we introduced voluntary Health checks, quite basic however some employees did not take advantage of what was effectively free, as they thought the information would be used against them in any absence conversations. However much we reassured them that this was not the case!

So how can you get your employees to take up these benefits without them seeing it as a “big brother” exercise – one of the best ways is to piggy back on campaigns that are used by some of the charities or organisations to support your roll out.

This month is “National Heart month” an awareness campaign by the British Heart Foundation, they offer employers and employees support in communicating their campaigns in the work place with very little cost to yourselves and you can sign up for a Health at Work pack from their website.

Looking after your employees, in which ever way you decide to approach it, either through supporting Health initiatives, signing up for Cycle to work schemes or supporting any sponsorship activities, these small things can make a big difference about whether your employees feel you care about their welfare, as well as just wanting to get your money’s worth from them being there..

If you either work for a business that offers this (or one that does not) what are your thoughts on this approach? Are you suspicious of their motives or do you think it is a good thing?