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KJ HR Consulting provide expert, flexible and affordable HR services adding value from one off projects to the provision of on-going HR support tailored to your business requirements.

HR Audit

To initially understand what you currently have in place, then to review this against current employment law requirements, identify any risk areas and recommend changes whilst taking into consideration what is right for your business.

Contracts of Employment, Policies, Procedures & Employee Handbooks

Although there are certain legal obligations you will need to comply with, it is also essential that they reflect your business and keeping it simple so that your employees understand what it all means to them too.

KJ HR Consulting can offer you and your business support and advice given on Contracts of Employment, Consultants Agreements, Employee Handbooks and Employment Policies.

To understand what you require and either prepare, update or review what is already in place, to make sure they are still relevant and comply with any changes in employment law, whilst still being relevant for your business.

KJ HR Consulting will make recommendations on best practice, guide you through the process on any changes required and how to communicate effectively with your employees.

Performance Management

Getting the framework right from the start will save a lot of time in the future and one key element when you have employees is ensuring that both parties are aware from the start what is expected of them in their role and in terms of their performance. The initial job description is the first stage but leading on from this is dealing with performance management in a transparent and consistent way.

KJ HR Consulting can support you on setting up and implementing performance management processes which may include a Performance Review process. This includes outlining the key messages when communicating to your employees and/or training line managers to give them the tools to use a process that is both effective and meets the business needs.

We will also provide you with any support and advice given on handling and resolving all performance related problems which may include, poor conduct, unacceptable behaviour or not meeting the standards expected of them.

Restructuring & Redundancy

KJ HR Consulting has extensive experience in this area, which sometimes can be the most time consuming and challenging but is essential to support changes to business priorities or objectives.

This could be providing support and advice on any redundancy or restructuring process, to guide you through what is best practice and your legal obligations.

This may include a redundancy situation, a change in terms and conditions to support a change in the working environment, which will result in employee consultations, maybe through to dismissal, redeployment or a change in terms and conditions. This will include providing you with the relevant documentation, templates and support on any criteria you need to meet.

KJ HR Consulting will, at all times, guide you through the process including drawing up an action plan to enable you to make the specific changes to support the changes required.

Managing Attendance

Sickness absence can not only be a challenging situation to deal with when it arises and time consuming when you have other employees to look after and a business to manage but if not managed effectively can be very costly to any sized business.

KJ HR Consulting can provide guidance and advice on all absence issues, whether short or long term absences. This may be by introducing a new process to support your business in minimising absence before it arises or dealing with any current absences that are having a direct impact.

Setting out a consistent and transparent approach on Absence for all employees means that everyone knows how it will be dealt with if any occasions of sickness should arise.

Other areas that may be of interest to the business on going could include;

  • The use of Occupational Health support
  • Health & Wellbeing initiatives
  • Absence management training and advice for line managers

Where relevant KJ HR Consulting is in regular contact with other professionals to support any introduction of services or to promote initiatives connect with both managing absences or to promote Health & Wellbeing within your Company.

Recruitment & Induction

Recruitment can be both time consuming and costly when you are trying to find the right people, with the right skills and attitude to recruit for your business. Having the right selection process, job briefs and good interviewing skills can go a long way to support an effective recruitment process.

KJ HR Consulting can provide bespoke campaigns to suit both the business and the roles being recruited for. This may include the use of competency based interview questions or assessment centres and providing support and training to line managers, to give them the skills to remain compliant resulting in an effective recruitment process.

Providing an effective induction process into any size business gives out the right message to your new employee and will make them feel both welcome and part of the team in a short space of time. This will usually result in the new starter becoming more effective quicker and employees staying with you for longer. On the flip side if you get this wrong, your new employee may quickly leave the business and you will not only have the recruitment process to go through again, there will be an impact on your existing employees and an impact on your own time in managing this process again.

Pensions Auto Enrolment

Pensions auto enrolment is now becoming a reality as larger organisations have now started this process and preparing early is the one key message that has come from the Companies that have been through this.

KJ HR Consulting has very recent and relevant experience of providing support on planning and communicating with your employees, to engage them in the auto enrolment process at an early stage and providing them with the information on how it will impact them.

We work with other qualified specialists within the Financial Services Industry to support this process and so can provide a complete package on introducing Pensions Auto Enrolment into your business.

Employee Relations

Employee relations covers all aspects of the employment relationship which can incorporate any conflicts that arise in the form of a breakdown in communications, discipline or grievance issues, dismissals and any other consultation issues that may arise from the employment relationship.

KJ HR Consulting can provide advice and support with any aspects of a breakdown in Employee Relations as this can seem like a daunting task whilst still complying with Employment legislation. We will work with you to provide practical advice and explain the legal position, to work towards a resolution of any disputes or conflicts.


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  • HR Audit
  • Contracts of Employment, Policies, Procedures & Employee Handbooks
  • Performance Management
  • Restructuring & Redundancy
  • Managing Attendance
  • Recruitment & Induction
  • Pensions Auto Enrolment
  • Employee Relations

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