Research from The Telegraph shows us that 21% of workers have pledged to leave their employer in 2016, with 54% of British workers wanting a change in career rising to 73% when talking to 25 – 34 year olds. But why do people want to leave their job and what do they really want when looking for a new job?

Forbes report that the top 4 things people really look for when on the hunt for their next job are;

  • Stability
  • Respect
  • Health Benefits
  • Work-Life Balance

So based on this research, we have put together some tips for retaining and looking after the staff within your business.


When employees feel that a company has their interest at heart then employees will take the interests of the company to heart. Employees that are cared for and care about the people they work for are employees that will stay within a business and create a more stable environment for everyone. If employees feel the company is stable they will feel comfortable and become stable within a company. Try to avoid unnecessary re-shuffles, instead give employees more responsibilities and take other responsibilities away from them to allow everyone within the company to understand different roles within a business and develop their skills.


Employees want to feel respected by those they work with, no longer do people go to work and keep their head down, instead they want to be recognised and respected for their hard work. This is important for employers to remember. By recognising your staff for their hard work and respecting their individual contributions to the business you will retain the talent you have within the company.

Health Benefits

Things like health benefits and well-being in the workplace and being seen by so many more businesses nowadays that it is important to think about the health benefits you can offer your staff. This could be reduced gym membership for employees of your business, fruit available free of charge in the office, maybe breakfast supplied one day a week or even health insurance.

Work-life Balance

One of the most common reasons people leave their job is because they want work-life balance, this doesn’t mean they want to work less hours but they want to change the hours they work so they can be home to prepare dinner for the family or to put the children to bed. British workers are looking to be more flexible in the workplace and not everyone craves the 9-5 office job nowadays, opting to go in earlier or leave later to miss traffic rush hours and such like or to extend lunch breaks for school appointments or health checks.

Have you thought about how you can support and retain your staff?