Motivational Maps


Improving Performance of your Team

As a manager or leader of a team would you like to improve the performance of yourself and your team, are you also looking for;

  • An effective and tangible way to improve your business profits?
  • A tool to help drive the business performance?
  • Understand how you can maximize the motivation of your team?

Performance = Skills + Motivation

Other benefits from understanding and being able to manage your team more effectively are;

  • Reduced ill health & sickness
  • Greater productivity
  • Happier Culture
  • More loyal staff
  • Retention of good staff
  • Less expense in Recruitment
  • Effective appraisal & reward system

As a business owner or manager you want to get the best from your team and employees, you may have provided them with the skills to do the job and then SMART objectives so that they can work towards the business overall goals. To really get the best from everyone, you also need to be motivated to work towards these goals.

Motivation is something we all feel and experience but it is not always obvious what motivates us, never mind trying to understand what motivates your team.

What are you doing to make sure your team and employees are motivated?

As we are all individuals and have different motivators, trying to implement initiatives that you feel would motivate everyone could have the opposite effect on a large percentage of your team as it may not be their main motivators.

Everyone should be treated as individuals to establish their key motivators, to then use the tool to build engagement by tailoring development plans and managing your team, which in turn will build stronger teams who are more productive.

So how do you do this?

Motivational Maps® provide you with a tool to understand more around identifying your key motivators (and that of your team), there are nine fundamental motivators with three that are predominate.

The maps are generated after completion of a short questionnaire that takes around 15 minutes, with questions that ask you to allocate points between two statements, after which an individual 10 page report is generated. The report also contains metrics to enable you to measure changes in your motivation as time goes on, and those of your team.

What is the benefit of doing this exercise?

By providing yourself and your team members with an understanding of what motivates you and subsequently engages you, will enable you to increase engagement, build stronger teams and retain talent which will ultimately increase revenue and productivity.

So whether you are looking to strengthen your Team Working Relationships, Retain Talent within your business or find a tool to support your Recruitment & Selection process then please contact KJ HR Consulting for more information on how Motivational Maps® can be utilised in your business.

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