Here at KJHR Consulting we work with lots of companies to help them support health and wellbeing in their workplaces. This may be through looking at what they currently do and how we can improve it, or helping business owners introduce health and wellbeing programs into the workplace.

Research shows that just 8% of organisations in the UK have a dedicated Health and Wellbeing strategy. We speak to many businesses where recruitment and retention are a key issue – so rather than looking at traditional company benefits – Health and Wellbeing may be the difference that will make your business stand out as an Employer of Choice.

So why should business owners support Health and Wellbeing at work?

The main reason is that healthy employees are off work less, however there are more reasons that just this and employers that approach it with a more holistic mindset see greater benefits.

What are the benefits for your business?

By promoting and supporting Health and Wellbeing at work you will achieve greater staff motivation and retention because your employees will feel you are looking after them, this in turn encourages their loyalty to your business.

One of the benefits of promoting wellbeing within the workplace, which may include tools to support managing or copying with mental health, is that an improved understanding of mental health, both for employees and managers ensures it is managed in the right way.

Happier and more productive employees are more likely to provide your customers with better customer experience.

How to support emotional Health and Wellbeing at Work

To support emotional Health and Wellbeing at work you can offer what is most commonly offered to employees by other businesses which is counselling and employee assistance programs. However there has been a huge rise in stress-related absences over recent years so it is a good idea to look at other options too.

For example, team training on relaxation techniques, conflict resolution, anger management or even work-life balance could be offered as this will support and enable your employees to cope with mental health or stress related issues better. Some businesses also use corporate social responsibility activities such as community projects or volunteering as another way to support emotional Health and Wellbeing at work.

How to support physical Health and Wellbeing at Work

There are lots of ways you can support physical Health and Wellbeing at work and to give you some examples these could include, exercise programs such as outdoor activities or yoga at lunchtime if you have the space, team sports, exercise groups and gym memberships.

You could also improve working environments with things like ergonomic work areas, or offer health benefits such as private healthcare as part of an employee benefits package.

How does Health and Wellbeing benefit Career and Personal Development?

Having employees that have benefited from a Health and Wellbeing working environment can boost job satisfaction and their attitude to work itself.

Employees are then more open to their own career and personal development and these elements again are key to businesses attracting and retaining employees.

Providing employees with personal development opportunities whether this is training, mentoring, coaching or promotion opportunities shows again that you want to look after and develop the people that are looking after your business.

Some training ideas that may feed into any Health and Wellbeing strategy include, behaviours at work, communication tools and team working.

Promoting and supporting inclusiveness of employees from diverse cultures, supporting equal opportunities and recognising different religious beliefs will also help with Health and Wellbeing in your workplace.

So if you are thinking about Health & Wellbeing or wish to understand more about what you can do then please speak to us at KJ HR Consulting?