Ask anyone in the office about the sort of treatment they would like from their employer and more often than not ‘respect’ will feature highly on the list. There is plenty of research on how the working environment has a big impact on both recruitment and retention decisions for employees.

In this blog post we have put together some top tips for showing or creating an environment where respect at work is a way of working, rather than just the latest buzz word. By demonstrating respect in the workplace with these simple, yet powerful actions you will help create a better place to work for the whole team and employees will themselves show mutual respect with their colleagues.

  • Treat employees with courtesy, politeness and kindness
  • Encourage employees to express opinions and ideas in a constructive way
  • Make sure you never speak over, interrupt, butt in or cut off another person instead allow and enable employees to express their feelings and thoughts
  • Use those ideas from colleagues to change and improve the workplace, make sure you publicise that you are using employees ideas and encourage everyone to get involved with ideas and then provide them with the time implement their ideas.
  • Never, ever insult people using name calling and stop others if you see it happening
  • Try hard not to nit-pick or constantly criticise on little things; if you have concerns talk to employees separately. Do not belittle, judge, demean or patronise. While these may seem like trivial actions when they are continuous overtime it can constitute as bullying in the workplace.
  • When talking to employees think about your body language, the tone of your voice, your overall demeanour and expression throughout all interactions with employees at work. Your employees will hear and see what you are really saying, as well as listening to the words you are using.
  • Treat people in the workplace with the same level of respect, no matter their race, religion, gender, size, age or place they were born. If this is an issue in your workplace you need to lead by example and implement policies as well as procedures so that everyone in your team feels fairly and equally treated.
  • Notice how often you praise and criticise employees. You should be praising and recognising employees much more frequently than you criticise.
  • Make sure that employees are involved in meetings, discussions, training and events relevant to their work. It may not always be possible for every employee to be involved in every activity, but you need to make sure that where it is relevant they are involved.
  • Listen when your employees or colleagues want to talk, they may be experiencing treatment that is not respectful and wish to talk it over with someone
  • Overall you want to implement the platinum rule in your workplace that you always treat others as they wish to be treated themselves.

How do you show respect in your workplace for employees, and encourage co-workers to show mutual respect to each other?