Resilience is about adapting to change and dealing with challenging situations. Personal resilience is about your behaviours, how you react to these situations and how you can look at situations positively to overcome and move on from them.

We all deal with pressure in different ways, some may immediately see a given situation as stressful and may have difficulty dealing with it, whilst others may adapt to the situation, recover and bounce back.

As we go through life things change, whether this is personal circumstances or within the working environment – or both, change is inevitable and so impacts all of us at some point.

As an employer, providing a work environment where the culture is open, where adapting to change is part of the normal culture and it is not feared or seen as an obstacle, will provide the right platform and support your employees when things do change.

Although businesses cannot plan for all changes or obstacles, those that are used to adapting will be more resilient than those that work in organisations where they see change as a barrier or where there is minimal change.

I am sure we can all think of organisations, that we have either worked in or are aware of, where there is little change and everything has been relatively stable for years. These organisations may also be very bureaucratic or hierarchical in structure with a command and control management style – not very supportive and this may be detrimental when you then need employees to respond to any challenges or change.

Providing a work environment with an engaging supportive leadership style will encourage employees to approach you about any concerns or questions they may have during any period of change or challenge, this will in turn enable employees to adapt and respond quicker, moving through the change curve at a quicker pace than others.

If you would like to understand more about Resilience at Work or about developing your Leadership skills to support a challenging and changing work environment then please contact us for more information.