When you talk about flexible working many businesses just think about employees all asking for part time hours and what a hassle it will become trying to manage everyone.

Happily, some businesses are now seeing that flexible working is more than just what is set out in legislation, it is about offering different options of flexibility to your employees, this can be around different start and finish times, along with working from home or compressed hours.

I have seen how this can work in businesses using the available technology to provide home working for all those that wanted it, this included some that travelled a fair distance and so when there were train strikes employees could still join meetings remotely, so there was no loss of productivity. In fact, some employees found they worked longer hours as there was no travelling time.

I have worked in other businesses where adjusting hours to suit personal circumstances meant that employees were happier, more productivity and more engaged with the business.

It does take time for managers and senior directors to get used to a different way of working and managing their team, setting out a set of guidelines for employees in terms of working at home or working flexible hours. These guidelines might include attending the office for certain team meetings or core hours that employees must come into the workplace, just be sure that these guidelines are right for your business and not too restrictive to make the approach to flexible working not flexible!

The result is happier more engaged employees, along with a more productive and loyal workforce, as well as providing a more attractive recruitment proposal to new recruits.

This is not something that is just a trend – many employees or candidates looking for new roles – are not just looking for at what they are getting paid, they are looking at all the other benefits that come with it.

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