Line Managers should be the vital asset in your business, you are trusting them to deliver internal communication and manage your employees on a daily basis.

But how well are your line managers managing?

A good line manager will be someone in your team that allows people to play to their strengths and can motivate the team. It will be someone that can adapt their management style for different members of the team, who meets deadlines and is an expert in their field.

A line manager that has all these skills will be a busy employee. A recent report by CIPD on Leadership found that line managers are under constant and increasing pressure to improve organisational performance while supporting individual employee’s needs.

A line manager is often pulled between the needs of their team and the demands of their own manager.

How can you effectively engage with your line managers to ensure that they are managing?

You need to explain what you need from your line managers. Explain why their involvement is important, the full details of the task and what you want them to do. Don’t just task your line managers with another requirement, instead be clear about what you need and ensure they can manage it.

Make sure you have regular contact with your line managers to keep the channels of communication open. Use these meetings to share information with the team of line managers, for them to pass down. Support your line managers by helping them to become effective communicators. You can do this by discussing how they will share the news with their team and how they will respond to questions.

Ensure direct support is offered to your line managers. Ask them where they feel they are lacking or where extra support or training is needed and work with them to offer this. Your line managers need to feel just as valued as their front line staff members, so think about what motivates them and what will make them feel valued.

Delegate to your line managers important decisions around their own team, provide support or guidance where needed but by letting them take responsibility for decisions they are developing and growing as managers.

Involving your line managers in important business decisions they will feel part of the team and buy in to the process of these decisions, not just the messenger that passes on the outcomes of discussions to their team. You’ll be surprised at how much a line manager can bring to the table during important discussions and shows you value their input.

If you feel your line managers aren’t managing then call us directly. We would be happy to see how we can help you, your business and your employees.