Diversity in the workplace makes good business sense as it enables you to understand the differences between people from a broad spectrum of background which can enable you to appeal to a wider range of customers and employees. There is a lot of buzz around ‘workplace diversity’ at the moment due to the huge range of benefits it offers; some of these we have been sharing on our social media this month – but how can you promote and support diversity in your workplace?

Create & Establish a Task Force

BY creating a diverse workforce you are eliminating discrimination and by creating a task force made up of different disabilities, genders, sex, ethnicity, age and sexual orientation you are able to gain background knowledge and view points from a wide range of different people with different experiences. You can create the task force to focus on different ways the business can reach more diverse customers.

Implement Diversity Policies

By creating diversity-friendly policies such as time off for religious activities, flexible working hours or child-care as well as disability friendly office equipment you will open your business to a wider talent pool for employees and as news of your diversity policies spreads you will also attract new customers who prefer to purchase from a company that cares about them.

Hiring & Promotion of Employees

When looking at your hiring and promotion policies make sure you incorporate diversity; for examples set standards that are based on merit and not quotas and ensure your policies are transparent to ensure all employees understand promotion is based on ability and merit only. In all literature you use for advertising your position make sure you state the company is diverse and this will help potential employees see that your company supports and encourages diversity.

Communicate Diversity Effectively

When promoting and supporting diversity in the work place you need to ensure your message is effectively communicated. Make sure you get the managers on board to help communicate expectations by using clear language and referring to your diversity policies, programs and goals. It is essential that management lay down the clear guidelines and disciplinary actions for those that may engage in bullying, or banter that may cause offence and teasing as this will help discourage any diversity issues.

If you need help supporting diversity in your workplace or you feel you should be doing more but you are not sure what then please contact KJHR Consulting directly; we would be more than happy to help.