The start to any new year, both in your personal life or within business, can be the ideal opportunity to make plans, outline intentions and make a positive start.

Many businesses do use the new year as part of their performance management cycle, to set business goals and objectives for the teams that cascade out from this.

In previous blog posts I have written that performance should be a continuous cycle, that it is not a one off event that takes place either once or twice a year, however having a point in the calendar to review, set and cascade goals/objectives is still an important task in your diary.

Setting out the business goals for the year is not only good for the business, you know what you are aiming for, it is good that your employees or your team know what they are working towards.

I often hear businesses state that they know what they are doing, what they are aiming for – however one of the key elements to gain engagement from your employees or team – is that they also understand their part in achieving these goals. 

Employees should understand how they can contribute.

My Top 3 Tips in this process would be;

  1. Communicate your business goals to all your employees
  2. Make sure employees understand how their own objectives feed into these overall business goals
  3. Keep communicating, reviewing and updating to all employees the progress against these goals throughout the year.

Remember this is a continuous cycle, do not set this all up and then put them in the drawer and forget about them.