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Welcome to KJ HR Consulting which was established by Karen Williams and is based in Cambridgeshire, is perfectly situated to work with Companies across East Anglia and the surrounding areas.

Whatever size of business you have, employing people and building the team that supports your growing business can be both time consuming and an unexpected challenge.

The approach taken by KJ HR Consulting is based on the need to be adaptable and responsive to each business or situation, with the ultimate aim of you getting the best out of your employees.

We work with other experts in such areas as Leadership & Management Development, Coaching, Health & Safety, Payroll, Health practitioners and Occupational Health providers.

About Karen Williams

After working in Human Resources across various sectors for over 13 years and prior to this as a line manager of over 30 employees, this has provided an invaluable understanding into the way people interact with each other in the workplace.

Our approach is based on the need to be adaptable and responsive where possible, to see things from both sides along with providing pragmatic solutions, which will be different for each business and help Companies to improve efficiency and performance.

People issues and often HR can seem like they are surrounded in red tape but by seeking advice this can save you time and money in the long run, as HR is about getting the best out of the people you employ by developing them, managing and leading them correctly, to understand what gets them to work in the morning and how they can be more effective in contributing to your overall business goals and profits.

Karen is a Chartered Member of the CIPD, The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development which is the association for human resource professionals.


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Karen Williams

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