Welcome to KJ HR Consulting

KJ HR Consulting are based in Cambridgeshire and are perfectly situated to work with Companies across East Anglia and the surrounding areas. Whatever the size of your business, employing people and building the team that supports your growing business can be both time consuming and an unexpected challenge.

The approach taken by KJ HR Consulting is based on the need to be adaptable and responsive to each business or situation. We work with other experts in such areas as Leadership & Management Development, Coaching, Health & Safety, Payroll, Health practitioners and Occupational Health providers.

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Would you like to improve the performance of your Team? Are you confident that you have given your Managers the right skills to do their job? Do you understand what gets your Employees out of bed in the morning?

Having a team that is motivated and engaged will bring you many benefits including an increase in production, less absence and an improvement in staff retention.

Please watch our video for more information and if you are interested in discussing how we can help your business then please contact us at KJ HR Consulting Ltd.